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Vista Alpina 

Eye Center

Bahnhofplatz 1a
3930 Visp

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Monday - Friday:

8am - 12pm

1pm - 7.30pm

(On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and 

Fridays until 6pm)

On Saturdays:

8am - 12pm


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Vista Alpina

Eye Center

Rue du Bourg 3
3960 Sierre

Phone 027 455 34 04

Fax 027 455 34 77

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Monday and Wednesday:

8am - 5.45pm

(Wednesday until 7.45pm)


7.30am - 12pm

12.45pm - 7.45pm

Thursday and Friday:

8am - 12pm

12.45pm - 5.30pm

Saturday: closed


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In addition to general consultation hours, the Vista Alpina Eye center is specialised in treating macular degeneration and in all types of eye surgery. Meanwhile about 5,000 surgical procedures such as cataract, retina, eyelid and other surgeries are performed annually in the clinic’s own operating theatre (in Visp), built according to strict hospital standards.


The range of services also includes corrective eye surgery such as near- and far-sightedness. Furthermore, the Vista Alpina Augenzentrum offers special consultation hours for retina diseases, eyelid problems and paediatric ophthalmology.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment for patients from Valais locally. The team at the Vista Alpina Eye Center

guarantees high-quality and friendly care. Using state of the art technologies, our experienced team of physicians as well as well-trained clinic assistants ensure competent medical care.


Kind regards



Dr. Kristof Vandekerckhove, MD

Vista Alpina Eye Center, Medical Director

Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses from 21 years with 

implantable contact lenses (ICL)

Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses from 50 years by means of a clear lens extraction (CLE)

Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses with premium lenses

for upcoming cataract surgery 

Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses with

add-on lenses

after earlier 

cataract surgery 

Journal of Refractive Surgery publishes article of Dr Kristof Vandekerckhove >>>

Dr. Vandekerckhove

goes international... congresses and publications >>>


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