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Routine eye checks

At the very latest, starting at the age of 40, an annual routine exam is required, to diagnose chronic eye diseases such as glaucoma early on.


A routine exam typically includes an eyesight test, checking possible glasses, measuring intraocular pressure and an exam using the slit lamp, to examine important parts of the eye such as cornea, eye lens and retina.

Treating eye diseases

Chronic eye diseases require regular eye exams.


E.g. glaucoma requires an intraocular pressure check and a field of view exam, among other things, once or twice a year.

Augenerkrankungen, Vista Alpina Augenklinik

Eye sight test and prescribing glasses

One common reason for a consultation is to check vision for a driver’s license exam or being fitted for glasses. During the appointment, a routine eye check is performed. 

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Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses from 21 years with 

implantable contact lenses


Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses from 50 years by means of clear lens extraction (CLE)

Seeing without glasses
Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses with premium lense

for upcoming cataract 


Seeing without glasses

Seeing without glasses with

add-on lenses

after earlier 




An immediate ophthalmologic consultation (also see Emergency consultation policy) is required for sudden vision impairment, flashes or black dots/strings in front of the eye, bars or shadows in front of the eye, seeing straight lines, which suddenly appear wavy, acute double vision, severe reddening, adhesion or swelling of the eye (particularly, when wearing contact lenses), foreign objects in the eye and chemical burns from alkaline or acid substances and trauma (e.g. due to bruising).



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Special consultation

Macular (AMD) consultation

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD for short) leads to the loss of central vision, while maintaining peripheral vision. AMD is an eye disease; it does not lead to complete loss of vision.

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Kindersprechstunde Vista Alpina Augenklinik

Paediatric/strabismus consultation

Detecting eye diseases early in children is key, as they can greatly impact a child’s future. The majority of information transferred to the brain is received by the eyes. Therefore, visual performance and developing vision is very important to your children, not least for the development of the brain as well. The development of vision can be impaired for various reasons.


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Orthoptics is part of the area of strabology. Orthoptics treats people of all ages – from infants as young as four months all the way to the senior citizens. This medical field ranges from prevention to diagnostics and treatment as well as rehabilitation. Screenings in children are deemed extremely important.

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Refraktive Chirurgie Sprechstunde, Vista Alpina Augenklinik

Refractive surgery consultation

Refractive surgery refers to any surgical procedure, which eliminates the need for glasses. Patients have various options to choose from. Detailed pre-examinations, sometimes several hours long, are required, in order to present you with the best possible solution. Whether young or old, far- or near-sighted - Vista Alpina Augenzentrum offers custom solutions.


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