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The human eye is a complex organ about 1.7 cm in diameter in newborns and 2.3 cm in adults.



The cornea is the transparent front of the eye covering the iris and the pupil. It is responsible for the main part of the eye’s optical refraction power.



The circular opening in the middle of the iris controls the amount of light entering the eye by reducing (in bright light) or enlarging (in low light).


The iris is the coloured part of the eye surrounding the pupil. It allows the pupil to reduce or enlarge depending on the brightness by expanding or contracting.



The transparent lens of the eye curved on both sides (biconvex) helps bundle the incidence of light rays on the retina, to allow for sharp vision.


Vitreous body

The vitreous body is the clear gelatinous substance, which fills the back of the eyeball. The vitreous body takes up about two-thirds of the eyeball and helps it retain its shape.


Aqueous humour

This is a thin, watery substance, which takes up the front part of the eye between the lens and the cornea. It is continuously produced by the ciliary body and supplies the lens and the cornea.



The macula is the small centre in the retina responsible for sharp central vision.

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The retina covers two-thirds of the back of the eye. It is responsible for sending impressions from the optical system to the brain through the optic nerve as electric impulses.


Optic nerve

A bundle of nerve fibres, which transmits vision impulses from the retina to the brain.


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